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Mushroom Business wrote some articles about our customers and their project. Here you can find what they said about their cooperation with Panbo: 

Sjaak Willems, mushroom grower in the village of Kessel in the Netherlands:

Willems approached various companies for quotations, and in the end choose Panbo to supply the structure of his new farm.
“All the other suppliers naturally wanted to build my new farm, but in my mind they failed to offer the customisation I was after. At Panbo the team was prepared to think along with me about what I wanted, even though this involved a certain element of risk. They wanted to invest in knowledge of the climate, and together with me devote time and energy to developing new climate modules. That convinced me.”

The Codd brothers, Leslie and Raymond, from Tullow, about an hour's drive from Dublin, Ireland:

We noticed an advert in Mushroom Business for Panbo. So we could have some more information, we invited Ser Huibers to come and take a look in Ireland. Ser took us to Austria, where he had already supplied a building with a flat roof and told us that he could put up a prefab farm for just 20% more than the price of Irish tunnels. That seemed a great opportunity, so we decided to go ahead with Panbo”.

Panbo sent 2 people over from Holland who stayed here for 3 weeks to supervise the project. The rest of work was done by us with the help of a local builder. The prefab elements came from the Netherlands, so putting it all together was like playing with a giant Lego set. Both brothers are full of praise about the co-operation with Panbo. Raymond Codd mentions the customer friendliness of Panbo as a particular plus: “Of course there were a few hiccoughs during the project. But Ser Huibers sorted it all out quickly and to our complete satisfaction. We knew what to expect before we even started anyway. We are really pleased with the result and would do it all again tomorrow”.